You made it! Take a moment to celebrate the milestones; you passed your proposal hearing, chapters 1, 2, and 3 are approved, you collected mountains of data and then wrote about it in chapter 4, and now you are ready to summarize the years of work and turn it into one final impactful chapter…

Chapter 5!

Begin with an outline highlighting of all of the most interesting aspects included in chapter 1-4. Ask yourself a couple of questions to guide you 1) If the reader only had time to read chapter 5, what would I want them to know? 2) What would a reader need to know about this research “story,” what makes it understandable, relevant, and interesting?

Begin Chapter 5 by describing the need for the research, the research questions, and then flow into a short description of your methods of data collection. Next start to highlight the most interesting findings that came up during your data analysis and discuss why these findings are important, why they answered or didn’t answer your research questions.

The next section is very important… you don’t want to forget to bridge all the theory with practice. Dig deep and describe how your findings truly impact practice in your field and your industry. Make it relevant to other professionals who are doing related work. Describe how your many different communities of practice will benefit from your findings.

Design a model, or two, that illustrate your findings!

Cross Cultural Success Model

Link that section to a discussion on recommendations for  further research. Where do you see this topic going next? Lastly reflect on the impact this research had on YOU as a professional, as a person, as a researcher, as a PhD student.  It is all coming together and chapter 5 is so much fun to write!

Enjoy your dissertation journey!  Check out my Chapter 5 to use as a guide.