I’m a PhD student and about to start my dissertation. I was going to start with Chapter 1 this weekend, but well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. The step immediately before beginning the actual dissertation is to write a short 5-10 page paper outlining the concept of your dissertation. Well, I sat down yesterday to make some final edits based on my advisors feedback. His feedback was good and it made me realize I need to step back a bit and might have to start over. Well, sort of start over. The concept I wrote up, might have already been done. And, that would be such a waste. To do all this research and then publish something not-so-helpful because it’s already out there. What good is that? Anyway, Day 1 has been delayed. The good news is had it not been for that delay I wouldn’t have started this blog.

This blog is about helping fellow dissertation students connect to resources, work through the process, and find support. It’s an experiment, which is really what research is about, right? So, we’ll see what happens. Have requests, comments, ideas? Post them below.

-Amy Climer